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RONBEI Portable Travel Bassinet Lightweight Bedside Bassinet

$199.99 USD
by Ronbei
Type: Bassinet

  • FLOOR BASSINET: RONBEI upgraded bassinet that can be lowered to the floor, enable you could sit on the ground and interact with your baby without any hassle.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Designed to be taken anywhere with you, the RONBEI travel bassinet has compact and a simple structure,making it easy to storage and pack away when in transit.
  • MOVES SIDE TO SIDE: When the bassinet lowered to floor, move side to side with its smooth wheels to soothe your litte one.
  • BREATHABLE MESH: Mesh sides on two sides that allow you to see your baby as they rest or play, you can keep a close eye without disturbing them.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: There are three adjustable heights, the lowest height can be lowered to floor while the second and third position meet the bedside and sofa different needs. It's a stable,removable and washable fabric walls bassinet for you.

RONBEI Bassinet, Well Cared As Mom

The RONBEI PORTABLE BASSINET helps your little one to remain calm and gives you the chance of a peaceful night even when you are on vacation. Give your baby somewhere safe and secure to play and rest, keep a close eye without disturbing them, all the time knowing that they are safely placed in a secure bassinet.

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Practical bedside crib for younger babies. Can easily be moved around the house and fits small spaces.

Nino fake rich Brown Aka Bum on the net
Love it!!

I got this for my grand baby & I absolutely love it! It rolls from room to room with no issues & wheels lock in place. I brought some sheets but have not received them yet, I'm hoping they fit as other reviews spoke on it being hard to find ones that worked. Love that it adjust. In the highest position I'm able to prop him up on his boppy pillow & he watches tv, lowest setting I'm able to sit on the floor & do crafts while he sleeps close by. Matches the height of my bed as well so I can easily grab him at night without having to struggle or get out of bed. Love that the sides are mesh so I can see him from a far. Definitely worth having!

to make it easier for mommies while healing

Very excited about this bassinet, with key features that solves problems I used to have. After giving birth, in my case C-section with complications, I couldn't bend well for a long time and a regular crib was nearly useless. With this bassinet, the height adjusts and the the shallowness allows me to reach in and out without hurting myself. The height adjustments are on the side at the top, where it's very easy to reach. There are wheels, so you can wheel it instead of carrying anything heavy during recovery as well. The wheel locks are at the bottom, and you can use your feet to lock it. The cushion isn't thick, and you can wrap blankets around it to make it softer as needed, but nothing bumpy that infant might suffocate on. Due to its shallowness, of course this is only for infants before they can move around, but that's also when mommies are having to heal, so I'm glad this makes that time easier.

Keishla Perez Perez
Easy to pack up for travel

High quality materials and wonderfully easy to pack up and move around for traveling.

Robyn B
Worked great for us!

My only regret is not buying this a few years back when my daughter was a newborn!