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Portable Water Warmer, Bottle Warmer for Baby Formula, Milk, Breastmilk

$84.99 USD Regular price $99.00
by Ronbei
Type: water warmer

Travel Water Warmer Rechargeable with Precise Temp Control LCD Display

  • ✔ Especially ideal for parents who need accurate warm water for baby’s formula.
  • ✔ This travel water bottle has a built-in temperature sensor chip, which can accurately control the temperature from 37℃-50℃/98.6℉-122℉.
  • ✔ Adopted food grade stainless steel, this 10.8 ounce bottle warmer can safely hold water, formula, milk, breastmilk, etc.
  • ✔ This water warmer for baby formula on the go features a built-in 2500mAh battery that offers wireless convenience so you can heat up water and keep warm easily.



Please clean the interior with a bottle brush if you had poured into milk/breastmilk before(Otherwise it may affect the performance of machine.) Wipe the surface with a towel at last.

How to use this milk/water warmer

  1. Please make sure the water warmer have enough battery power before you using it.
  2. Pour the water you need to heat into the bottle. Long press the battery button for 3 seconds to turn on the device. At this time you will see original temp of the water you just pour in on the screen .
  3. Next step is to set your target temperature. Press“+" or "-"button to adjust the temperature you want .It can be precise control from 37℃ to 50℃ (98.6 ℉-122℉ ). Loose your hand and the bottle will start heating operation.
  4. Once reaching the desired temp you set,the bottle will stop heating and auto start constant temperature function.